Colt Wrangler Customs Zero XU Tracker - Electric with a Punch of Style

Colt Wrangler Customs Zero XU Tracker - Electric with a Punch of Style - TheArsenale

Of all the motorcycles we have covered on our magazine, probably just one percent have been electric. That's mostly because customs are based on classic motorcycles that are easier to find, easier to work on and easier to find parts for. With the surge in popularity of electric motorcycles, we were bound to find a beautiful custom based on these eco-friendly pocket-rockets.


Based on an electric motorcycle by Zero Motorcycles, the XU Tracker is a stylish take on the bike. The engine of the motorcycle is very simple and flat, which makes it hard to detail the motorcycle in gorgeous details. The space that is usually taken by an intricate formation of metal that makes traditional ICEs, is just a black box here; a weatherproofed outer shell for the big battery. But that didn't let the folks over at Colt Wrangler Customs get demotivated. 


The new bodywork is made out of aluminum sheets that gives the bike a clean and modern look and also makes it very athletic. The bulkiness of the battery and engine seems to melt down in the intricate new lines designed by Colt Lyons. Part of this is thanks to the new 19 inch spoked wheel that replaces the old 16 inch one. The rear hugger and front guard have been discarded to clean up the silhouette. Instead of the old dirt bike style seat, a new shorter and slimmer one has been installed. The frontlight is installed inside of a tracker plate and the stoplight is integrated in the new seat. To clean up the front end of the bike, the dashboard has been embedded in the tank.


It's quite a challenge working with a bike who has such a simple construction but often times, less is more. While it looks completely different from all trackers we have seen, Colt Wrangler Customs did a pretty great job lifting this rather dull motorcycle to a high-spirited bad boy.

Image credits to BIKE Exif.