Conquer the Powder with Snowrider Kits

Conquer the Powder with Snowrider Kits - TheArsenale

Are you a fanatic of shredding powder and an avid rider? Well, Snowrider has just the solution for you. They build kits that turn your offroad bikes into snow-munching machines ready to take to the slopes.

Keeping in mind the intended use of the bike, Snowrider uses premium materials to construct the kit. The track frame is built out of duralumin and steel with adjustable YSS shocks. Composit Tracks provided the tracks paired to an in-house designed ski upfront. The kit is fairly easy to install and will get your bike ready for the slopes in around an hour. 

For those looking to take their favorite two-wheeled toy to the mountains, this might be the ideal choice for the winter season. Get yours at Snowrider and get ready to climb higher than ever.