CoolNVintage Build 77 Defender

CoolNVintage Build 77 Defender - TheArsenale

CoolNVintage has always created hybrids between works of art and automotive icons and their Build 77 is no exception. This three-month long project was done with artist Vasco Costa.

Costa brought his street-art skills to the automotive icon by applying them into the chassis of the Defender. CoolNVintage lent the helping hand with the interior, body and the drivetrain of the car. The colorful part underneath shows in certain angles and gives a beautiful contrast when compared to the classic shape of the Defender. CoolNVintage are well known for taking care of every single detail in their builds so this one certainly doesn't slack in other aspects.

The interior has been upgraded with custom-stitched leather and embossed logos. Speakers are provided by Marshall which just adds to the UK classic vibes of the Defender. The V8 engine provides massive power, BF Goodrich tires, upgraded air conditioning and a FOX suspension. The subtle upgrades have not covered the identity of this beautiful, classic ride while putting it up to modern standards in all aspects; even artistic ones.