Custom BMW R9T by Zillers Garage is The Stuff of Dreams

Custom BMW R9T by Zillers Garage is The Stuff of Dreams

With these days having us locked down in our homes, we daydream about the freedom of the open road. Zillers Garage has been making use of the extra time to build one of the most incredible R9T customs. 

The aesthetics of the bike are an eclectic mix of Akira and steampunk, with the body of the R9T covered entirely in a new aluminum body. Everything has been housed inside this aerodynamic bodywork. The whole look of the motorcycle is streamlined, with the headlight mounted on the front as well as the tail light being mounted within a sliding compartment in the rear. To complement the clean look, the dashboard is integrated into the fuel tank. For those taking a close look at the bike, it might seem like the bottom is touching the floor but that is due to the hydraulic suspension system that lifts up the bike once it's started, giving it an even stronger futuristic vibe. The bike is made only to order and we expect it to cost a pretty penny.

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