DAB Motors Brings The New Age of Custom Motorcycles

DAB Motors Brings The New Age of Custom Motorcycles - TheArsenale

Based in the Basque Country in France, DAB Motors is a custom motorcycle manufacturer that sets itself apart from its competitor by using technology and offering motorcycles that come homologated straight out of the factory. Euro IV certification and homologation are a big challenge for anyone who's ever owned a custom motorcycle before. Now, you have to worry no more.


Customers can customize their bikes through the online customizer on their website. There are more than a million options for your motorcycle but one thing remains the same; the bikes will be fully legal and will be a breeze to insure. This process is easy and allows you to see how your bike will look before being built. After confirming your order, you will have the bike within 3 months delivered to your door. Except for the swingarm, engine and frame; you can change the color of everything.


The bike will be fully adapted to your demands, as it comes with three different sets of tires to match the terrain you mainly ride on. Suspension is either inverted KYB or a high-end Öhlins system. We will let you explore the options available and create your dream motorcycle. The geniuses at DAB Motors will do the rest and deliver the bike to you within three months. Starting at €16,900, the bike might be a bit costly but it offers what would otherwise be months of custom work and grey zone of legality.