Dab Motors x The Bloody Beetrots LM-S

Dab Motors x The Bloody Beetrots LM-S - TheArsenale

We've been close friends with Dab Motors since their beginning. They started as a motorcycle garage, building incredible trackers in the Basque country but this year they stepped their game up and transformed themselves into a fully-fledged motorcycle manufacturer with a twist; offering fully homologated custom motorcycles straight out of their state-of-the-art factory's gates. 

Their rebellious approach to motorcycling eventually collided with one of the most enthusiastic, brilliant musicians of today; The Bloody Beetroots. With a career spanning over a decade, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo has combined his classical musical training with new-age electronic music; leading to a glowing career of collaborating with names from Paul McCartney to ZHU. His music has been heard at some of the world's greatest festivals.

Music and engineering came together in the form of a limited-edition LM-S motorcycle that uses the thumping 500cc single-cylinder engine to pump adrenaline through your veins. Coming in a limited series of 10, the motorcycle will come signed by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo and Simon Dabadie. You can get yours over here.