Daniel Arsham Crystal-Eroded Porsche 911 at Selfridges

Daniel Arsham Crystal-Eroded Porsche 911 at Selfridges

NY-based visual artist Daniel Arsham has one of the most unique art styles, taking our everyday objects and turning them into futuristic archaeological finds. Collaborating with Porsche, he turned a brand-new Porsche 911 into a well-preserved monument of mobility.

In typical Arsham fashion, the body panels are covered in crystal erosions as if the car was found at a futuristic digging site. This art car is completely functional and running and after it stops being displayed at Selfridges in London, it's heading straight to The Porsche Museum. You will be able to look at the car up close in London until January 2020 as part of "The House by Daniel Arsham" exhibition. If you're in the 

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