Delage D12 - Le Retour De La Vitesse

Delage D12 - Le Retour De La Vitesse - TheArsenale

Back in the 20s and 30s, Monsieur Louis Delage was one of the most affluent car designers in the world, racking up prizes at Concours D'Elegance unlike any other carmaker at the time. His dream was to put his V12 engine into a road-legal car that he wanted to name D12. 

After almost a century, the D12 comes back to life to incarnate the vision of Mr. Delage and we are proud to be one of the first distributors of it. Conceived by French Benoit Bagur, the car is powered by a 7.6L V12 mated to an electric engine to put out 1,230 HP. Its design and aerodynamics produce nearly double the amount of downforce than most hypercars out there. Despite being a road-legal car, it has been built like a Formula 1 with many performance and design choices made accordingly. It offers a carbon fiber seat that is molded according to the client, as well as a customizable steering wheel and pedal configuration. The D12 uses the revolutionary F1 derived contractive suspension system as well as carbon fiber wheels with brake cooling. 

Clients that will purchase the D12 will have an endless amount of customization both on the exterior and interior. Multiple color choices are offered and the interior has a premium sound system by Focal that can also be matched to the color of your D12. The infotainment system offers multiple driving modes and configurations with up to 432 different experiences possible. You will soon be able to purchase the D12 on TheArsenale, where we will deliver the best experience possible to future clients.