Did Hennessey Break the 300MPH Barrier?

Did Hennessey Break the 300MPH Barrier? - TheArsenale

Hennessey Performance Engineering is the Texas automotive tuner that shocked the world in 2010 with their Venom GT. Based on a Lotus Exige, the Venom GT had a power output of 1,244 hp and weighed only 1,244 kg. It broke the speed record at the time but it's official status was revoked due to a dispute with Guinness Book of World Records regarding the Bugatti Veyron's speed. 


On their latest teaser, the Venom F5 is shown aside a 300 mph speed limit sign that hints a possible breakthrough for automotive engineering. For years, engineers have pushed cars to their limits; creating hybrid powerplants, thousands of horsepower, quadruple turbos and much more. Yet, no one has achieved the 300 mph mark. Multiple physical factors have kept production cars from reaching this insane speed; downforce, air resistance, friction and much more.

The Venom F5 is the worthy successor to the Venom GT and is powered by a turbocharged 1,500 hp engine with upgraded turbochargers and intercoolers. It is built from an absurd amount of carbon fiber, totaling in a weight of only 1,300 kg. From the teaser, we can notice that the typical Hennessey lines are still there. The rear end features an aggressive triangular exhaust like the Lexus LFA. A dominating feature of the rear is also the huge wing that channels wind from the A-pillar. The car features an aggressive front end with defined headlights and a sculpted front diffuser. Whether the car will manage to reach the holy grail of speed remains to be seen at the SEMA in Las Vegas on November 1.