Droog Moto E-Scrambler

Droog Moto E-Scrambler - TheArsenale

By now, we are used to Droog Moto’s loud apocalyptic aesthetics. Their bikes are characterized by a rugged exterior, knobby tires and a riding position that’s as aggressive as can be. This time however, their E-Scrambler is loud in all the ways except its engine.

Commissioned by a customer, their first electric motorcycle build takes the shape of a silent but deadly ride that would take you anywhere in absolute silence. They took a Bremmo Empulse R with a water-cooled 40 kW battery that outputs a notch over 50hp to the throttle. The electric motor offers instant torque which makes the motorcycle quite a zippy ride. As usual, their aesthetics are backed by handcrafted parts that carve the shape of the E-Scrambler. This is one of their most jagged rides, featuring an almost polygonal silhouette.


For those looking to get their hands on one, don’t let the fact that this one was commissioned. You can go ahead and commission yours and tailor it to your liking here.