DS Hints an Electric Future with the X E-Tense EV Concept

DS Hints an Electric Future with the X E-Tense EV Concept - TheArsenale

The premium division of PSA, DS; has unveiled it's vision of its future vehicles starting from 2035. Called the X-ETENSE, the concept looks nothing like the 2016 E-Tense concept which was a possible grasp to a futuristic, luxurious sedan by the French atelier of automobiles. 


The X-ETENSE is more of a play on asymmetry, an eclectic design that plays around with conventional rules to spark interest in the evolution of automobile design. Many concepts have hit autoshows but most of them have been inside the scope of futuristic designs, following a linear path of evolution yet remaining conventional. DS design director Thierry said this about other concept cars "They give the impression that the notion of pleasure has been sacrificed in the new generation of electric and autonomous concept cars, which tend to immerse occupants in a bubble packed with display screens and synthetic seats. 


This time DS created a totally unique experience; a mythical chasm between the driver and passenger. While the passenger is accommodated in a closed canopy dubbed the "sensuous capsule"; the driver faces open-air in an exhilarating driving experience. These two different planes of experience are further emphasized by the eccentric design of the car full of creases, recesses and planes. Both front and rear end of the car use light leaks to brighten up the entire surfaces. With 1,360 HP available, the X-ETENSE is certainly not a light ride. The entire power will be made available on the track mode where a plethora of traction, grip and deceleration systems will kick in to keep you on tarmac. Normally, the car uses just 540 HP in normal mode where you can even use an autonomous driving mode. 


DS decided to go all in on creating an immersive driving experience; the passenger has no screens or dashboard in the canopy. Instead, all the content is displayed on the surface of the canopy itself. If that won't cut it, you can always look below you to see the ground through the electro-chromatic glass floor. The dashboard is a sleek wooden design that is used as a speaker housing developed with French atelier of sound; Focal. There's also a built-in coffeemaker for energy on the go and also an air purification system that fills the cabin with pure, scented air. The driver's side however is a simple concept; a tight fitting seat with a low seating position facing a steering wheel made of metal, wood and leather. 


This very different approach to automotive design is a bold step towards making the future of automobiles not as senseless as it seems to be. Instead of opting for a totally isolated driving experience, DS brings the classic thrill of open-air rides to an incredibly advanced vehicle.