Dynamiq GTT 165 Superyacht - Underwater Foils for the Best Marine Experience

Dynamiq GTT 165 Superyacht - Underwater Foils for the Best Marine Experience

The Dynamiq 'GTT 165' and 'GTS 165' superyachts are some of the most well designed and well thought vessels available in today's marine market. It takes 28 months to build this masterpiece so the time explains the quality of the vessel.


Van Oossannen Naval Architects did the naval architecture and Dobroserdov design did the exterior design. Having some of the greatest design minds available for them, they didn't have to sacrifice usability for aesthetics. 10 to 12 guests have luxurious accommodation in five or six staterooms for the ultimate luxurious marine experience. There's also a cinema lounge bar, a spa/gym area and a 19.5 meter sundeck with a jacuzzi and solar panels.


The GTT 165 has a strong, lightweight hull that's built of sealium aluminum alloy using the latest technology. By using a fleet of technologies like an advanced stabilization system, a fast displacement round bilge hull (patented design by Van Oosannen Naval Architects.) The superyacht also uses Hull Vane, a patented system of hydrofoils that lay fixed under the hull. At 50 meters long, it is the perfect superyacht to take on a summer cruise. You should've ordered it two summers ago...


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