East Coast Defender - Range Rover Classic : Project Alpha

East Coast Defender - Range Rover Classic : Project Alpha - TheArsenale

East Coast Defender is one of the most reputable custom Defender builders in the East Coast of the US located in Florida. Their lineup includes custom Defenders of all sizes and purposes coming in different trims; from 650hp engines to extended off-road capabilities and equipment. This time however, they are doing something a bit more classic, luxurious and opulent. 


The Range Rover Classic lineup takes the expertise of E.C.D in working with Defenders and applies it to a more comfortable and luxurious vehicle. The RRC builds start in the same way as their Defenders; picking the body, drivetrain, wheel, tires and much more. After everything has been chosen, ECD tears down the vehicle to its bare bones and then rebuilds it by hand to create your ultimate classic Range Rover.


What makes the RRC builds so special is the fact that it brings modern technology to a classic platform, without sacrificing its heritage and looks. A lot of default parts will be reworked and not replaced, meaning that the original seats will be kept but they will be upholstered in premium leather. The center console will be upgraded with the latest infotainment system and premium audio systems to give you a modern experience in a classic shell. All you have to do is head over to ECD and order your custom one, it'll be tailored to all of your wishes.