Electric Ford Mustang by Charge

Electric Ford Mustang by Charge - TheArsenale

Electric cars have one bottleneck that has been keeping them from overturning the market on ICE cars; their range. It takes a few seconds to fill a tank full of gas and it's available nearly everywhere. Electric cars however, require more than that. Even with new technologies improving charging times massively, it is still way back compared to traditional cars. Charge Cars knows this so it decided not to worry about that, instead they think about delivering the best experience possible.

Charge decided to put four electric motors in the iconic muscle car, pairing them to a 64kWh battery that will ideally offer 200 miles of range. That is of course, if you decide to be a tame driver that's just pleasantly strolling along. If at anytime you decide to put all 536hp down, that range drops massively. But do you really care? Because we don't. That's very simple to do through the big touchscreen control that takes most of the neat dashboard. You have the chance to turn RWD on, transforming your silent Mustang into a drift machine. 

Performance remains the key focus for this car and 0-60 mph can be achieved in a hair over three seconds. The top speed is limited to 149 mph but we don't mind that either. With a monster torque of 5,532 lb-ft, we imagine it will be hard to stand straight when the pedal is down. We can't wait to see the car in flesh at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed and see it burn rubber in silence.