The dawn of the all-electric ATV is upon us with the forthcoming launch of Livaq EQUAD, poised to redefine the standards of power, sustainability, and the ultimate driving experience for off-roading enthusiasts. Slated to commence deliveries in September 2024, EQUAD emerges as a trailblazing icon embodying the fusion of high-performance and eco-conscious technology. With a starting price of $18,989 for early birds, adrenaline-fueled adventure seekers can seize a piece of the future, equipped with the world's most potent ATV capabilities and a range that eradicates the fear of losing power with a substantial 170-mile range before needing a recharge.

EQUAD's prowess is more than just skin-deep; it's a marvel of engineering crowned with advanced features like a robust 3D carbon fiber body panel, a 4D material printed seat, and a state-of-the-art 16kW swappable battery. Innovations such as wireless charging compatible with home setups, IP 67 water resistance, and patented LED technology align with the core tenets of electric power, sustainability, and groundbreaking technology. For an owner, this translates to unparalleled speed with a top speed of 67 mph, greater freedom in the trails, and an enticing cost of recharge at just $4.5 - signaling substantial annual savings.

Behind every EQUAD is a digital ecosystem designed to enhance the user experience – the LIVAQ Adventure app. It's a one-stop platform for vehicle management simplifying operations for business owners and enriching rides for adventure junkies with tools like vehicle status overview, maintenance alerts, GPS tracking, and a window to the off-road riders' community. With a comprehensive 12-month warranty under the LIVAQ Shield Plan and enticing pre-order benefits anchored with substantial discounts and perks, EQUAD is not just a purchase but an investment into a new era of off-roading excellence.