FCR Original "Green Legend" - A Scrambler Fit for McQueen

FCR Original "Green Legend" - A Scrambler Fit for McQueen - TheArsenale

Through their joint performance in The Great Escape, actor Steve McQueen and the Triumph Scrambler are inextricably linked. FCR Original thought it was time for a small tribute.


The engine of the bike is based on a Triumph Bonneville with a fuel tank in British Racing Green and all kinds of small but important details. Like the race number 7 on the front and side and a new leather saddle. Upgrades are more than cosmetic so FCR Original has stripped the donor bike of every bit of unnecessary weight. The Scrambler spirit of this "Green Legend" passes through several elements and details.


Details such as the frame and swingarm are finished with a vegetal corrosive agent and nickel-plated to give an authentic look. The comfort was not neglected either. The Triumph Bonneville has been equipped with a black leather upholster by Proust Sellerie. A high-sitting exhaust creates the iconic look of the scrambler while the rest of the bike sets itself apart from the crowd. 


Twin Factory suspensions provide a comfortable ride through all sorts of terrain, we know where you're going to go with a scrambler.. The Green Legend can be summed up in two words; unique and a masterpiece. Every single detail made by FCR Original has made look this bike really special; especially thanks to its timeless connection with the king of cool himself Mr. McQueen.