Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e by Garage Italia

Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e by Garage Italia - TheArsenale

Garage Italia has began its venture into electrifying classics back to life. Joining other houses like Jaguar and Icon that offer classics with electric engines, their Icon e-line will denominate all these pure hearted classics.

First in line is the iconic small Fiat 500, which has received more than the typical engine swap. Following the cleanup of the engine bay, the entire car has been cleaned of any unnecessaries which included the roof. Seats have been replaced with basketweave benches of some sort; perfect for sandy and sunny days. Instead of heavy doors? Ropes that complement the nonchalant, summery look of this iconic Italian car.

To charge the car you just move the Fiat logo and hidden underneath you will find the charging port. The dash does not use analog gauges anymore, a custom digital dash displays all sorts of information such as how many martinis you can drink this beautiful summer day in your Italian seaside paradiso.  We expect to see more classics reborn in the way that only Garage Italia knows.