FIAT + Garage Italia reimagine the 500 Spiaggina with retro styling

FIAT + Garage Italia reimagine the 500 Spiaggina with retro styling - TheArsenale
Paying homage the 60th anniversary of the 500 Spiaggina, FIAT and Garage Italia have prepared two bespoke tribute cars. The Spiaggina custom has been created in collaboration with the technical and engineering contribution of Pininfarina. On 4th July 1958, the FIAT 500 Spiaggina made its first debut in the streets of Capri. This iconic car accompanied Italians throughout the economic boom and social rebirth of their country. Loved by actors, singers, TV anchors and entrepreneurs that went crazy for its unique style, the automobile has become the symbol of an era with its elegance; a staple of the 1960s and the emblem of La Dolce Vita. 60 years later, Lapo Elkann, chairman and creative director of Garage Italia, reinterprets La Dolce Vita in a 4.0 version and gives the car a rebirth. The custom automobile boasts a bespoke an exclusive two-tone paint finish;  “Blue Volare” and “Perla White”, which characterize the livery of the car body with garage blue finishing touches and matching the interior coverings. There's no roof - like in the Spiaggina from the '60s - and the rear passenger space has been converted into a large compartment with an integrated road shower, so drivers can take almost anything with them for a day at the lake or at the beach. This feature was created in conjunction with Pininfarina's technical specialists who supported the Garage Italia's team in the design of the structural engineering. The lowered sailing windshield and covering of the loading bed is crafted in slatted cork with a pattern that brings to mind the design of the teak floors in luxury yachts. A custom-made small bench replaces the two front seats, which is reminiscent of the typical design of '60s cars, embellished with leather upholstery in white and light-blue waterproof Foglizzo leather. Chrome-plated finishing touches of the car door handles, rear-view mirrors and hubcaps of the 1957 FIAT 500-styled alloy wheels make this Spiaggina shimmer in the sunlight. Finally, a set of Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tires contribute to the show car's classic charm. "Love at first sight, one that strikes dead your heart and soul. These are the feelings that I have every time I look at a 500 and whenever I drive one of them. I fell in love with her when I was a child and growing up I dreamed of its rebirth", comments Garage Italia's CEO, Lapo Elkann. He continues, "I am glad that the revamp will help many to re-experience the dream and the magic years of the economic boom and of the Italian joie de vivre. Since 2008 and over the years, I have always customized them for myself and with the opening of Garage Italia we had the chance to design a multitude of one-off and unique versions that have confirmed the versatility and the high modernity of this car which is still nowadays one of the most beloved worldwide love brands."