Formula 1 Cars of 2021 Will Be Beautiful Beasts

Formula 1 Cars of 2021 Will Be Beautiful Beasts - TheArsenale

F1 has been working with the FIA and few racing teams to create a Formula 1 car that can be better to drive and look as well. Social media got crowded full of teasers of the future car that's set to hit the tracks.


At the presentation of this concept the F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn has said that our main purpose in doing all thing is to produce cars that are more raceable. He says that we will be able to build something different this time by changing aerodynamics so the cars will be able to follow each other more closely now without a loss of performance and of course the look will be improved as well.


He showed three different concept designs at the Singapore Grand Prix by saying that the new cars in 2021 would have features from all of them. Ross Brawn has also said that these concepts will be the next generation of race cars of F1. Also, there are no further details about aerodynamic concepts involved in this big change in F1 cars.