Genesis Essentia - Electrifying NY Auto Show

Genesis Essentia - Electrifying NY Auto Show - TheArsenale

The Genesis brand gained quite the attention with its luxurious, posh cars that came in a fraction of the price of the premium brands. Proving that they can build luxury cars, they have decided to discover uncharted territories for them. Unveiled at the NY Auto Show, the Essentia is an electric sports car that fills the missing gap Genesis has in its lineup.


Genesis has put their "athletic elegance" design aesthetics to work again, resulting in a true GT car. The Essentia also marks the brand's first electric vehicle. Characterized by a low-hanging stance and aggressive proportions, the car seems to have quite the road presence. An elongated hood, flaring rear end and a curved cabin create a silhouette that just begs to be pushed to its limits. Built out of carbon fiber and bolted on to a carbon monocoque chassis, the car uses lightweight materials to make up for the relative heavy weight of the batteries.


Essentia was designed to be a flamboyant car and it's easy to tell looking at the front-end. The hood panel is actually transparent and allows for a sneak peek in the insides of the car and also its race-spec pushrod suspension. While there are no details regarding the powertrain, 0-60 mph time is declared at 3.0s which is quite fast. The car comes with advanced technology on the inside as well. To enjoy all these technological benefits, you have to pass through the biometric-operated butterfly doors. This dramatic entrance welcomes you to one of the most gorgeous car interiors we've seen in a concept.


The cockpit remains heavily digital as it is a concept car of the future but yet it retains its traditional connection to the driver. There is leather everywhere, coming in two different colors. Cognac leather is used for the seats, quilted in a chevron pattern reminiscent of the carbon fiber used to build the car. Oxford Blue leather decorates the steering wheel, wraps the dashboard and also covers the foot-well. You can find the same Oxford Blue color in the velvet covered rear seats, creating a beautiful contrast of materials and colors. 


An 8 inch instrument panel takes up most of the space in the dashboard but is not cluttered with unnecessary information. Only the most essential information is displayed in the center while other relevant information is pushed to the sides. You can use voice control for a lot of features in the car, allowing you to remain focused on driving. There are AI features that will make your commutes better, such as choosing your preferred way back home or work. If you prefer longer commutes by the sea instead of the freeway, the car will automatically set this route for you. Genesis has made a real statement with this car. They are able to construct an electric sports car and they have showed their teeth; Genesis is here to stay.