Gibbs Terraquad - All-Terrain Amphibious UTV

Gibbs Terraquad - All-Terrain Amphibious UTV - TheArsenale

Gibbs is well known to be making some of the most ambitious amphibious crossover vehicles like the Quadski and Biski. The Biski sounds like a great idea but unfortunately the bulky looks make it a not-so-cool looking vehicle; despite its incredible capabilities. 


This time Gibbs is back with another creation that's ready to tackle all terrains; the Terraquad. The all-terrain cart is powered by a 140 hp gasoline engine that can go up to 50 mph on land, more than enough to roam the harshest terrains out there. On the water, its Gibbs' jet drive propeller will push it 45 mph on the surface; making it an incredibly fun and capable toy. 


Converting it from land to water takes only a few seconds as the all-terrain wheels fold nicely on the sides to make space for the HSA technology waterways. Capable of transitioning under 5 seconds to both forms, the amphibious vehicle is one of the most entertaining grown-up toys out there and it can be adapted to many different purposes; entertainment, law enforcement and much more. Weighing a featherweight 690 kg, the Terraquad is nimble, fun and extremely capable.