Ginetta Releases Unnamed Sportscar

Ginetta Releases Unnamed Sportscar - TheArsenale

Ginetta is a name that's not the most popular in the automotive world. Somehow they have managed to exist since 1958, having short bursts of success. It all started with limited sports cars based on British Ford's offspring of vehicles. Their biggest comeback was in 2010 when they began producing track cars. 

Their new sportscar is so fresh that it doesn't even have a name yet, however it didn't stop it from making a name for itself. The core of the car is simple, racing technology brought to the streets (psssstt, it's LMP1). Power is driven from a dry-sumped N/A V8 mounted in an almost middle position for the car. Milled from aluminum, Ginetta took the courtesy to squeeze every HP from it, making a magnificent 600 hp off the bat. Paddle shifters make power management a breeze and the engine is so responsive that it requires no electronic balancing systems. 

Let's talk about that exterior though. The front is a cage of grilles, veils and tons of aerodynamic gimmicks. Cutouts, sculpted edges and open wide gaps make the front of the car appear hollow at times. All this negative space is not in vain though, the car makes use of every single one of them. Unlike premium sports cars at this price, the car features no active aerodynamic systems; which makes all the gaps and lines purposeful. It generates insane downforce, rated at 5% less than an LMP3 racer. At only 1,150 kg, we are talking about a power ratio of 500hp/ton. Top speed is reportedly clocked at 320 km/h.

Ginetta is asking for a hefty sum of £400,000. Your car will then be delivered by 2020 and you will be one of the 20 drivers in the world to drive this car.