Go Anywhere with the Peugeot 4x4 Camper Van Concept

Go Anywhere with the Peugeot 4x4 Camper Van Concept - TheArsenale

Peugeot decided to join the adventure craze with its newest concept based on the Boxer utility van. The concept lifts the van up and adds a 4x4 system to make it go anywhere. 

The exterior of the van makes the purpose of the vehicle quite apparent, with a rugged body and graphics. A matte black trim surrounds the van and leads up to an LED bar mounted on the roof. Indoors, the van offers everything you would need to live life as a nomad. Unlike the outside, the interior features light colors to give a feeling of spaciousness. This Boxer uses recycled plastic and Aragonite natural mineral as an effort to become a more sustainable vehicle. Sitting on the roof is a canoe-mount accessible by a ladder and you can find Peugeot's eM 02 FS Powertube mountain bike sitting neatly in the back. That means that you could go anywhere you like, no matter the terrain. 

We are yet to see whether Peugeot will make this a mass-produced van but it would be a smart move for the French manufacturer as it could serve as an entry in a new market.