Gravity Industries Brings Out The Stark in Everyone

Gravity Industries Brings Out The Stark in Everyone - TheArsenale

Up until now, Mr. Tony Stark was envied upon from nearly everyone who followed the comic book hero. His personality, multi-billionaire wealth but most of all; his sick jetpack built into the armor. 


Now, you don't have to call Mr. Stark on the phone anymore; call Richard Browning of Gravity Industries! Founded in 2017, Richard wants to augment the body and mind with a suite of patent pending technology to enable unparalleled human flight. Standing up tho their claims, Gravity Industries has completed 45 successful test flights in 16 countries. 


How does it work? An exo-skeleton structure is connected to a miniature jet engine in the back. This provides the vertical lift and the bulk of the movement is provided by this engine while control is in the hands of the pilot, literally. Strapped to your forearms, smaller units allow thrust to be directed in the direction you want to go. The suit has a combined thrust of 130 kg, WiFi connectivity and even holographic lens which display you the amount of remaining fuel. 

For all the nonbelievers, Richard Browning holds the Guinness World Record that he set in Reading, England; flying over a lake for 100 meters at 51.5 km/h. While it's not fully, 100% complete; it is well on its way on becoming a reality. Expect flying people over your heads very soon.