Hadoro Paris - High-end Tech

Hadoro Paris - High-end Tech - TheArsenale

Hadoro Paris is a high-end designer brand that specializes in the customization of technology products and accessories. Founded in 2012, the studio has been constantly pushing the boundaries of customization. 


Their philosophy is combining technology with fine craftsmanship, that in the level of fine jewelry. They take everyday items that are often overlooked in their design and turn them into little works of art. 


Their lineup consists of custom iPhones, custom Samsung phones, custom AirPods and custom Apple Watches. The latest addition to their lineup is the impressive custom AirPods crafted out of genuine carbon fiber, a bold design that adds incredible style to the seemingly simple earphones. Multi-layers of the carbon fiber are exposed in the finish, flaunting its weave pattern and rocking the Hadoro badge proudly. 


If you're looking to stand out from the crowd in a subtle yet refined way; Hadoro Paris certainly has something to offer you.