Hazan Motorworks 'Musket' 2 - When Miracles Happen Twice

Hazan Motorworks 'Musket' 2 - When Miracles Happen Twice - TheArsenale

When Max Hazan created the first musket, the motorcycling world stopped to take a breath. He's done it again and we don't think that we had enough time to catch our breath in the first place. The entire bike is built around the engine which is a masterpiece in itself. Hazan is one of the only custom bike builders to create an entire motorcycle from its beating heart.

Hazan Motorworks Musket 2 front view

To create the engine, two Royal Enfield 500cc single cylinders were put together to create a V-Twin. This monstrous powerplant is the beefiest part of the motorcycle. It was built by Royal Enfield expert Aniket Vardhan. Surrounded by a wire chromoly steel frame, the bike has a few details that make it stand out from the first musket. The Musket 2 has a spoke-less rear wheel and a one-piece front. As usual, there is no fancy instruments at all. Everything has been built by hand to create the purest motorcycle experience. The second Musket also has a unique feature, a dual brake-pedal system that allows you to apply both brakes on the same time or just the rear one. 

Hazan Motorworks Musket 2 side shot

This chromed out bobber sits on car tires if you didn't know so that should give you a perspective on its stance and size. We can only imagine the heads this machine would turn riding through a sunny Los Angeles beach. Maxwell Hazan, you've got us dreaming again.

Hazan Motorworks Musket 2 front end detail shotHazan Motorworks Musket 2 top view