Hermes Speedster by Seven Seas

Hermes Speedster by Seven Seas - TheArsenale

Inspired by the timeless Porsche 356, the Hermes Speedster by Seven Seas is a classy tribute to the automotive icon that became a collector's grail and sparked an enthusiastic following. 

Just like its muse, the Hermes Speedster combines luxury, comfort, and speed in a package that is apt of its name. It even features a convertible soft top that turns your boat into an all-weather seasoned craft. With space for up to 5 people, the Hermes can be the boat of choice for a day out on the water. Its interior is clad in supple leather and has incredibly well-finished metal findings, providing a luxurious experience for all those lucky to find themselves riding in it. 

Let's not forget about the performance of the Hermes Speedster, which has been one of the main points of focus. Its steep entry angle of 72 degrees and the purposefully designed hull provide smooth cruising up to 5 knots under the top speed. Its low center of gravity allows for a very stable and nimble ride. With an average consumption of 5.5L/h, it is one of the most efficient boats in the market.