Holden Time Attack Concept Is Built To Tackle Records

Holden Time Attack Concept Is Built To Tackle Records - TheArsenale

"This concept is a digital advertisement for the advanced skills, capability, and technology of the GM Holden team" this was the words of the Richard Ferlazzo the Holden's design director when he was asked about Time Attack Concept.


With the look of a bullet, this car is a real technological marvel. Australian Company Holden has revealed they Time Attacker Concept. Powered by four axial flux permanent magnet electric motor drives pumping out 250 kW a piece for a total of 1,000 kW (1,340 hp) and 3,240 Nm (4,393 lb-ft) of torque. Holden company claims that this monster can hit 100km/h (63mph) in 1.25 seconds. The Time Attack is fully electric and inside there's just a seat also the chassis structure is made from carbon-fiber and the body is made of carbon fiber and kevlar composite panels.


Richard Ferlazzo is inspiring his team headed by the leader Ewan Kingsbury to design a breakthrough car which also will be used to complete a virtual lap of Mount Panama and to beat the current record set by McLaren 650S GT3 in 2016. The test was done and according to Holden the Timer Attack Concept has completed the journey 31 seconds faster than the current lap record which is pretty impressive.