Honda Civic Type-R Project P - Pickup your Jaw

Honda Civic Type-R Project P - Pickup your Jaw - TheArsenale

The Honda Civic Type-R is well known for its eclectic design. Its athletic body is covered in curves and lines that attract onlookers, whether they like what they see or not is not important. What we see here is a piece of work by Honda UK out of Swindon who decided that a Civic Pickup would be a good idea (and it is a genius idea.) 

To build the car, they cut away the bodywork from the B-pillar back, including the rear seats and trunk trim. This made space for a utility bed covered in a diamond plated steel. Two auxiliary lights were installed atop the car to match the look as well. The engineers did remove most of the back but decided to keep the iconic spoiler by maintaining the tailgate. 

The look is further enhanced with a bright red color and Honda says that their little ute will be one of the fastest in the streets with a top speed of 266 km/h and a sub-6 second 0-100 time. This is thanks to the shared parts with the Type-R, the 2.0 liter VTEC engine that puts out 320 HP and a six speed manual transmission. It is going to go into the Green Hell (Nurburgring) to compete for the fastest front wheel drive pickup truck in the market.