Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept

Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept - TheArsenale

Honda has presented this year her latest ROAV concept in Las Vegas at SEMA show. Designed by the Japanese automaker's American operation this vehicle has combined elements of its Ridgeline pickup truck and its Honda Pioneer 1000.


Honda hasn't mentioned the engine that this red devil uses but the safe guess would be a 3.5 liter V6 motor. Honda Rugged Open Air has a modified body and suspension, and her seats come from Honda Civic Type R using the waterproof material. The dashboard is the same as a stock Ridgeline’s but the steering wheel comes from a Pioneer 1000. The engine of this beast produces 280 hp mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Painted in Red&Black this beast seems ready for any kind of terrain that she can face ahead.


The company still haven't given any price yet about this outrageous concept still it has really low chances because Honda has no intention to produce this vehicle. Such a shame because it really has a wild look that would be perfect for offroad shredding.