Hookie Co CB250 "ROYT" - Clean, lean and mean machine

Hookie Co CB250 "ROYT" - Clean, lean and mean machine - TheArsenale

Hookie Co is a powerhouse when it comes to pumping out incredible customs and equally awesome tea brews. Today they bring us they creation Honda CB250 "ROYT"; a lightweight racer made to rip up asphalt. 


The design started as a Honda CB250 which has been completely changed and transformed into a new machine. The engine on the bike is completely rebuilt and it has new paint and front suspensions are lowered with custom spacers. Other modifications include a special silver metallic paint and also custom black leather seat upholstery.


The bike also features a hidden battery box while a custom seat with seat cowl and modded. The folks of Hookie Co are serving up a look at this unique creation of them and they work can't go without notice because is really a masterpiece bike. This mean machine is nothing short of stunning and one worth your time and attention.