Hunter RMV 6.6 Predator - Conquer the Land

Hunter RMV 6.6 Predator - Conquer the Land - TheArsenale

Based in Nevada, Hunter is on a mission to build some of the ruggest RVs out there. They used light medium tactical vehicles as the base for the build. These vehicles were previously used to transport cargo and soldiers and are now here to take you wherever you want to go.


Built to take 5 people wherever they wish, the RMV 6.6 Predator is properly named after its 6.6L turbocharged aftercooled Caterpillar engine. Fill it to the brim and you get a 400 mile range with a max speed of 58 mph. Thanks to its simple construction, it is incredibly easy to upgrade the vehicle. You can even add a road-going axle for a top speed of 70 mph or a bigger fuel tank for a staggering 800 mile range. Its 225 HP engine is torquey enough to pull it through every terrain, also thanks to its full-time all-wheel drive. 


The interior features generous spaces with a queen bed and two bunk beds for a whole family. The dinette space has a double-door refrigerator for stocking food and a two-burner stovetop to cook your favorite meals wherever you are. If you wish, you can install an optional washer/dryer combo for extra cleanliness. The sides are able to slide out and expand, giving more space to the interior. Awnings of the truck are remote controlled so you can shade yourself at a click of a button.


Read more about these road going behemoths at their official website.