Designed by Roman Ignatowski this futuristic Hyundai UTV is envisioned as having a tough, no-frills modular design and a body with clean lines and a minimalist appearance that nevertheless manages to seem fashionable.

“I find Hyundai’s modern design language and approach to concept cars exciting, bold and non-trivial. Inspired by their style and recent concepts, I created my own project - a vision of how a side-by-side / recreational electric utility vehicle of that brand could look like,” Roman Ignatowski says of his project.

There are several modularity choices available, allowing for flexible vehicle configuration. Depending on the requirements and kind of activity, everything down to the roof, hood, and internal space may be controlled down to the last detail.

One day the UTV may be a beach buggy, and the next it might be an open Jeep climbing a mountain. If necessary, all of the seats—aside from the one used for driving—can be folded and stored out of the way to transport freight.

Designed by Roman Ignatowski