Icon Revives A 500 Giardinetta With An Electric Heart

Icon Revives A 500 Giardinetta With An Electric Heart - TheArsenale

With the number of electric vehicles out there, it's quite hard to have something that stands out from the crowd. Fiat has already entered the game with their 500e but Icon's 500 Giardinetta is something of its own. 

Based on the small and iconic Italian city zipper, this 500 Giardinetta has received a stack of 6 battery modules that will give it a range of about 150 miles in the city. Its beating heart puts out 80 hp and 100 lbs-ft of torque; digits better than the 2018 500e itself. They kept the four seat configuration and the Tesla-derived batteries fit snuggly inside the car. 

Upgrades include Dynamat for sound dampening, new glass seals, weather stripping, new coiloivers, upgraded disc brakes and much more. The interior was retouched with marine grade vinyl and a few Italian leather accents here and there. The car is built with fairly easy to assemble components so it could be easily replicated and suddenly we have the urge to zip down Ocean Drive with it.