Ida Pfeiffer - Ice Cool Arctic Superyacht

Ida Pfeiffer - Ice Cool Arctic Superyacht - TheArsenale

For those looking to take holidays into the Arctic, the options are quite limited. The harsh environmental conditions are a challenge for all people roaming onto these territories. However, if you're a multi-millionaire with a few millions to spare; Ida Pfeiffer is the perfect yacht for you. 


Developed by Globe Regal Yachting in collaboration with Gill Schmid Designs of New York and Dörries Regal Yachting of Bremerhaven, this massive 1,653 ton will be powered by a diesel-electric power plant. It's meant to carry 14 guests and 15 crew members in the most challenging places of Planet Earth. Measuring 70 m long, Ida Pfeiffer has a beam of 12.75m yet draws only 3.75m that makes it possible for her to sail in relatively shallow waters. A blunt bow designed for icy water beautifully connects to the steel hull optimized for harsh conditions. She has an aluminum superstructure with a built in helipad and a telescoping hangar to offer supple protection for the aircraft in harsh weather conditions. 


Inside, Ida Pfeiffer has an upper deck Jacuzzi, seven guest cabins, an owner's suite, captain's suite, crew quarters and several lounges. The superyacht is equipped with an A-frame crane on the stern to maneuver auxiliary vehicles like tenders or your SuperYacht submarine as well as a side-launching garage. While it remains a concept until now, someone in the world is shelling out a commission for this beauty.