Iguana Classic 31 - Amphibious Luxury

Iguana Classic 31 - Amphibious Luxury - TheArsenale

The Iguana Classic 31 is a surprisingly capable boat, built with the highest quality materials right here in Paris, France. Push a button and two treads appear from below the boat; allowing you drive right out of the beach whether it is sandy or rocky.

Iguana Yachts has used yacht-grade materials to create the Classic 31. The boat frame is built out of advanced unibond carbon fiber. Inside, the structural core of the hull and deck are also built out of a carbon fiber infusion, ensuring both rigidity and strength. It uses a petrol or electric engine depending on your preference. The petrol engine is a 4 cylinder one with electronic injection that is connected to 3 electronic hydraulic pumps. On the other hand, the electric drive option is powered by Active Thermal Management (ATM) batteries, encased in a patented design housing that automatically flushes liquid cooling. The interior of the boat also offers luxurious amenities to enjoy your sailing experience; GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and a high quality Bose sound system. All of the seating is covered in luxury leather as well. 

The landing gear of the Classic 31 is also created out of marine-grade aluminum and coated in epoxy paint to endure the saline waters. Built out of marine-grade steel, the sprockets have an intelligent design that allows sand and pebbles to pass through them without obstructing the movement of the tracks. Tread wheels are mounted on carbon fiber blade suspensions and a Polyethylene bloc absorbs all low frequency vibrations. The tread belts themselves are made out the best quality rubber and enforced with kevlar to guarantee heavy-duty functionality.