Indian Motorcycles to Build Road-Going FTR1200

Indian Motorcycles to Build Road-Going FTR1200 - TheArsenale

Indian Motorcycles debuted their FTR750 bike for the American flat track racing championships in 2017 and has been dominating the scene ever since. Then in November last year, they built a FTR1200 Custom and the motorcycling scene was in awe.


Teasing enthusiasts with the possibilities of a flat tracker, Indian has officially confirmed the release of a FTR1200 scheduled for production in 2019. While it will be drawing inspiration from the Custom built back in November, the bike will have its own unique styling. But it's not necessarily bad news. The road improvisations of the concept might end up making the bike a real pleasure to ride both track and road.


After months of speculation and waiting, Indian has finally closed the lid of this boiling pot. A flat tracker from Indian is coming and we can not wait to get our hands on it and grip the throttle. Are you eager to see the upcoming flat tracker by Indian Motorcycles? You can enter to win a brand new 2019 FTR1200 here.