Isle of Man TT Documentary by Studiokippenberger

Isle of Man TT Documentary by Studiokippenberger - TheArsenale

If you are the slightest bit into motorcycles or motorsports in general, you are probably already familiar with the Isle of Man TT. It is often accompanied by huge subtitles like DEADLIEST RACE ON EARTH!!! by a plethora of enthusiasts that create compilation videos that seem to go more viral than flu on YouTube. 

But unlike the majority of "in-your-face" videos, this one highlights more than riders warping over 300 km/h. It is a down-to-earth artistic study captured in moving images that consequently, move you. But the hype is right, it is the most dangerous racing sport event in the world. This film puts you in the zone, it shows you the living souls of the riders who seem so untouchable on two wheels; it shows the human affection and emotion that often encompasses all enthusiasts participating in the race. It's as if strolling in the brink of death brings people together more. It's an exploration of al the risks and rewards involved in the race, as well as the human side of this superhuman race. 

Whatever you're doing, stop and watch this. Yes, you have time. Dedicate some time to this and you'll be happy you did.