'Jack Watkins' Watkins M001 - Hub-centered awesomeness from Poland

'Jack Watkins' Watkins M001 - Hub-centered awesomeness from Poland - TheArsenale

'Jack Watkins' from Poland, obviously not his real name but his desired nick in the custom scene has built one of the most confusing yet amazing custom motorcycles we've ever seen.


Being the head of a 30 designer team at an industrial company in Gdansk, the mysterious Mechanical Design Ph.D created this crazy motorcycle starting from the engine of a 2002 BMW R1150RT and then experimented with it as much as imagination allows. We haven't seen hub-center steering motorcycles since Bimota explored that rough territory with the Tesi 3D. While cornering takes a bit of an impact, the steering system allows for stronger braking as there is no brake dive. 


This special hub steering system requires no heavyweight front-end and it looks like a minibike atop a normal one. By 3D scanning the structure, exact mount points were marked and Watkins created the frame and bodywork by laser cutting and bending sheet steel. The headlight is housed in a round chrome bucket, the seat is just some padding on top of steel and the fuel tank is hidden under the seat. This understated look hides away one of the most well-engineered custom builds we have seen. Custom twin exhausts out of the boxer engine intertwine beautifully in the underside leading to a double layered steel box.