Jaguar Creates Its First Electric Hypercar

Jaguar Creates Its First Electric Hypercar - TheArsenale

Jaguar has decided to step in the heavyweight ring of electric cars, unveiling its first-ever electric hypercar. That's a daring statement, considering the fact that the car will only exist in the Gran Turismo game.

Dubbed the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo, this sleek hypercar will make 750kW of power. You can reach 100 km/h in under two seconds and the top speed is locked at 320 km/h. The car weighs only 1397 kg and features a perfectly leveled 50-50 weight distribution. All the system is managed by an artificial intelligence called KITT-E. Coming at the end of November, you will be able to drive the car in Gran Turismo. While it is not a real car or concept, you will at least have some interaction with it, unlike other concepts that remain locked in the manufacturer's museums.