Kitty Hawk Flyer - Personal Aircraft Without A License

Kitty Hawk Flyer - Personal Aircraft Without A License - TheArsenale

Last year, Larry Page unveiled his plans to work on a flying car project. Called the Kitty Hawk; it's a unique hover-bike that is designed to fly over water surfaces. For the first time ever, the company is showing an updated, functional version of it.


Weighing just 250 pounds, the Flyer uses 10 battery-powered propellors and is easily controllable through two joysticks. Its unique design resembles a catamaran connected to drone rotors. Being built for water surface flying, the Flyer has a maximum operating height of 10 feet and a limited speed of 20 mph. The ride is not fully public again but it's clear that they are stepping into the marketing stage of their product by including famous YouTuber Casey Neistat.


Kitty Hawk is also working on the Cora, a two-seater electric aircraft designed for VTOL in urban cities. Powered by 13 rotors, the company aims to make their aircraft a part of autonomous taxi service network; landing a deal with the government of New Zealand to test their Coras there. However, scientists say that VTOL is far from happening in the near future. Flight requires extreme amounts of power and the current power/weight ratio is not enough to create an efficient VTOL capable electric aircraft.