Kitty Hawk Heaviside Makes eVTOL Flights Personal

Kitty Hawk Heaviside Makes eVTOL Flights Personal - TheArsenale

With electrical aircraft becoming all the buzz lately, Kitty Hawk has put endless hours into researching and developing the new HVSD or "Heaviside". This new eVTOL aircraft brings electric flight closer to reality than ever.

By using 8 electric motors, the HVSD is capable of taking off vertically in a relatively quiet way. While it does hit noisy levels during takeoff and landing, the flight itself is very, very quiet at only 40 dB. The noise levels have been very imperative in the development of eVTOL vehicles as they have to be acceptable for urban areas and Kitty Hawk seems to have figured out a way around it. 

The Heaviside aims to be a personal use aircraft as well as a taxi service, which would require it to be capable of landing and taking off anywhere. This removes the cost of infrastructural integrations for landing and takeoff pads or runways. The aircraft carries one single person and despite its misleading name, it weighs a fraction of a traditional single-seater aircraft. It is capable of covering the distance between San Jose to San Francisco in 15 minutes with a blazing speed of 200 mph.