Kvaern E-Bike - Solar Powered Riding

Kvaern E-Bike - Solar Powered Riding - TheArsenale

The Kvaern e-bike is expected to hit Indiegogo this week and it seems to be one of the most unique ones in the market. Inspired by timeless BMX designs, the bike builds on an already time-tested design with a twist.

kvaern e-bike side view

It's unique frame does not feature a seat post, giving it a unique look. Denmark-based creators named it after the Danish definition of "cool ride". The bike has a clean scandinavian design feeling to it, with five-spoke magnesium alloy wheels and thick top and down tubes. The rear wheel is driven by a 250W motor which is legal in most countries in the world. A 36V battery gives it a 50km range. It takes only 4.5 seconds to go from 0 to 25 km/h and using an intelligent torque sensor it adapts the assistance to your pedaling. 

kvaern e-bike with charger view

One of its most unique features is its external battery pack. The bike's battery rests in the frame of the bike and can be easily removed and charged using a standard wall outlet. For those looking to go full eco, Kvaern offers an external battery pack with an included solar panel that will absorb solar energy during the day and charge the battery with it. 

Kvaern hits Indiegogo this week and we hope to see it make it into production.