Latest BMW Concept Motorcycle is a Futuristic Solution to Urban Mobility

Latest BMW Concept Motorcycle is a Futuristic Solution to Urban Mobility - TheArsenale

BMW Motorrad have unveiled their brand new motorcycle concept called the Concept Link. Following after the stunning Vision Next 100 Concept, the bike tries to show a possible future for BMW's motorcycle division. 

bmw motorrad concept link side view

Every futuristic concept nowadays is electric powered. Thanks to the technological advancements in battery technology, electric vehicles offer amazing power that is often on par with high-performance cars. BMW Motorrad embarked the mission to provide clean transportation, and the Concept Link has been designed with an electric power source in mind. The chunky, flat bottom partition of the bike clearly marks the presence of batteries. 

bmw motorrad concept link front

The Concept Link features a very low-laying profile, with a beautifully tilted forward front-end. Looking at it from the front reveals the heritage of the BMW name, aggressive-looking things that go fast. It comes with a bunch of futuristic features as well. The bikers could wear a connected jacket that can perform actions with gestures. All of the information is projected out in the windshield instead of the traditional dashboard. A touchscreen panel will allow full control of the bike and it sits comfortably below the handlebars. The motorcycle will be able to connect with various devices of the rider to synchronize your calendar, learn about your musical tastes etc. 

bmw motorrad concept link touchscreen

It features a post-modern aggressive look with bright orange accents. The windscreen has been coated in a bright neon orange paint. So are the cables and the seat stitching details. The powerful side contours of the bike optimize aerodynamics and protect you against the elements of nature. It has all been designed to serve as the perfect choice for urban mobility, providing the highest level of usability and safety. You can even put it in reverse gear to make parking easier. The seat is electronically adjustable to ensure a comfortable riding position for any rider.

bmw motorrad concept link orange details

The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is clearly not based upon today's concepts. It is a futuristic solution to the basic needs of functionality and the demands of today's users. It seems like BMW has clearly understood that as technology advances, people want things to be functional yet simple. 

bmw motorrad concept link seat