Lazareth LMV496 "La Moto Volante" Flying Motorcycle

Lazareth LMV496 "La Moto Volante" Flying Motorcycle - TheArsenale

Lazareth is no guest to crazy motorcycles, after all we have all witnessed their LM847 - a V8 powered motorcycle with a powerplant drawn from a Maserati. This time though, they have managed to go far and beyond their previous work.

Based on their previously insane motorcycle, their new LMV496 has a few key differences. First of all, it uses an electrical engine instead of the traditional gasoline V8. Second of all, it can fly. Yes, you heard that right. It can fly. How? Well, we are not sure how they made it but they did. When you are feeling like going on the road, the electrical motor will quietly zap you around.

Stuck in traffic? No problem. With the help of hydraulic actuators, the JetCat jet turbines tilt outwards to create vertical lift. Each of the 4 wheels has its own jet turbines and will provide a flight-time of 10 minutes, with 1300 hp on tap ready to move you around the air freely. When you're sick of flying around (you never will be), you can just land the motorcycle and convert it back to a road-going monster with the push of a button.

It does sound incredible but it's actually true and the folks over at Lazareth will be generous enough to build five of them, priced at $560,000 each. That's a good price for a bike that seems to have come from the future.