Matte Black Unicorn by Matt Jenkins

Matte Black Unicorn by Matt Jenkins - TheArsenale

This unique project started back in 2009 when Matt first purchased the car. Fast forward to today, and the Matte Black Unicorn is born. 

On the surface, it might look simple, make everything black and matte but the process involved making every single part fit his meticulous idea of the build. With every step of the way, it became an increasing challenge to maintain the heritage look of the classic American Chevrolet. On the outside, the color has the same two-tone break as the original 1956 version, with a bird ornament on the hood that is beautifully complemented by the five-spoke rims. 

The interior maintains the vertical pleats while upgrading them with leather and Alcantara Cayenne GTS seats. It even features a bench seat in the front and even a LATCH system in the back for Matt's daughter to cruise in. Many modern amenities inside such as automatic window controls, speaker equipment, and air compressor are hidden to maintain the classic feel of the car.

However, the appearance was not the only focus for the Matte Black Unicorn as it received substantial performance upgrades. The engine was replaced with a 525hp LS3 bolted to a Tiptronic paddle-shift transmission mated to a Borla exhaust. It rides on top of a 4-link Air Ride Technology suspension for a comfortable ride with massive CPP big piston brakes for all the necessary stopping power.