Mehmet Doruk Erdem; Dream Machines

Mehmet Doruk Erdem; Dream Machines - TheArsenale

Mehmet Doruk Erdem is an Istanbul based Freelance Industrial Designer that has released many amazing motorcycle concepts; one of which got turned into reality by Mark Atkinson from Speed of Cheese Racing. The BMW Alpha Land Speeder is up for display and not for sale on TheArsenale; but you can purchase parts of it like the leather grips by clicking HERE!

Back to Mehmet's work; a blend of salt flat racers with futuristic vibes that all seem to share the same Bavarian origin. His concepts are not only motorcycles but also cars; that seem to achieve record breaking speeds without breaking a sweat. Below you will find some of Erdem's concepts and you can browse his full portfolio on Behance by clicking here. An interview with Mr. Erdem will come soon on TheArsenale so stay tuned!

BMW R100R 'Khan'

Beetle Juice Concept

BMW 'Hyperion' Concept

BMW 'Radical' Concept

BMW 'Typhoon' Concept