Memminger Roadster - Bespoke Modern Bug

Memminger Roadster - Bespoke Modern Bug - TheArsenale

German-based tuner Memminger has been restoring Beetles since the 90s but this time they are entering the scene with a modern-day edition of their famed bugs. An iconic design that has remained unchanged and recognizable globally, the Beetle remains an automotive heirloom. 


Despite taking inspiration from the classic Beetle, the body parts have been changed to rise up to modern standards. All of the panels are mounted atop a welded tubular chassis sitting on MacPherson struts in the front and trailing arms in the back. The original wheels are replaced with custom made 18" rims wrapped in 225 mm wide tires in the front and 255 mm in the back. Headlights maintain the shape of the original car but are replaced with a much more modern lighting system. 


The most significant change is in the engine itself. Instead of the sluggish 1.6 liter, 60 hp engine you can find a 2.7 liter flat-four with extensive modifications. The engine is good for 210 hp and 182 lbs-ft of torque. There are no digits yet regarding the performance of the car but judging by its 800 kg weight, it's going to be quite a brisk and fun ride. Right now the Memminger Roadster is just a proof of concept but the German tuner said that they are willing to build a limited series of 20 units if there is enough demand for it.