Mercedes-Benz Elecrifies the iconic Silver Arrow

Mercedes-Benz Elecrifies the iconic Silver Arrow - TheArsenale

For those who remember; the original Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow was one of the greatest feats of technology and engineering. Built in 1937, it weighed just 750 kg and had a power output of 595 hp. These digits at the time were utter insane and it maintained the status as the most powerful race car for 3 decades. 


A car based on the W125 Silver Arrow with the added nomenclature Rekordwagen broke the record for the highest speed on a public road with 432,692 km/h in 1938. The record was only broken last year. Mercedes-Benz now revives the legend with a brand new racing car concept apt for the EV era. With a carbon fiber body, front splitter, front trim and side skirt; the electric car tries to shave off as much body weight from the body panels as possible. The 5.3 meter body is a beautiful, smooth creation full of flowing lines; as the car was meant to appear like liquid metal. But what would a concept car be if it had no lighting strips? Those can be found both in the front and sides for a hint of color outside of the silvery finish. 


The cockpit of this streamlined futuristic racer is fitted with saddle brown leather, polished aluminum and solid walnut. Despite its racing heritage, Mercedes-Benz won't be making an electric Silver Arrow and not give it the best possible interior experience. A protruding steering wheel, intentionally square shaped for the extra racing vibe; encases a screen in the middle of it. Another screen is located in the interior, that one used as an instrument panel or used to play with the virtual racing software.


It's not sure whether this is a production car but it's a clear statement of Mercedes-Benz's vision for the future. Rooted in heritage with their eyes towards the future, they continue to develop new cars and concepts without losing their much sought-after history.