Method 143 by Arch Motorcycles is The Ultimate Motorcycle

Method 143 by Arch Motorcycles is The Ultimate Motorcycle - TheArsenale

ARCH Motorcycles is the brainchild of actor Keanu Reeves and engineer Gard Hollinger. One of Reeves' passions is motorcycle building despite many people know him for his movies. 

Unveiled at this years EICMA in Milan, the "Method 143" motorcycle is the ultimate custom motorcycle coming out of the custom shop; it's ultimate offering and top of the line up. As usual, the motorcycles are entirely hand made and customized to each owner's preferences. Using a carbon mono-shell frame and beautiful bodywork made out of exclusive materials like CNC machined aluminium, leather, carbon fiber and much more. 

One of the most impressive facts about the motorcycle is the 2433cc engine. The single sided swingarm is designed by ARCH and manufactured by Suter Industries. It is CNC machined out of a solid block of aluminum and is covered by a carbon fiber panel. Most interestingly, the leather seat is integrated into the CNC machined bodywork. Instead of the traditional dashboard, a mobile inspired one designed by ARCH Motorcycles is installed. The front fork is of course an Öhlins FGRT with a carbon fiber air-foil. The exhaust system is full titanium/carbon fiber and is inspired by Moto GP racing motorcycles. Up front, the headlight has been designed by ARCH Motorcycles to go with the incredible design. 

The production date and prices are yet to be released; but this is certainly one of the most attractive motorcycles up to date.